How it Started

Bill Holman demonstrated his love for music at an early age and started accordion lessons when he was six years old.  A natural self-starter, no one ever told him to practice but he played for hours every week.  Then, at the tender age of 13 he discovered two interesting things –

      1. Girls!
      2. Girls were not impressed by accordion players


Things Changed

After learning these potential life-changing lessons, he ditched the accordion and started playing guitar and singing.  Just when he started to play pretty good, he turned 17 and his music career looked like it was going to be on hold for a while thanks to Uncle Sam. 


Private Holman

He was “Discovered!”

During his time in the US Army, Bill was “discovered” by the service club manager who persuaded him to play for the soldiers.   They liked his style and he played frequently at Ft. Eustis, VA, then at Ft. Sam Houston, TX.  Soon he was playing coffee shops in the San Antonio area outside the Army post.

Bill - 1980


On to Greater Things

In the 1980s Bill formed a garage band with Jack McCoy and his nephew.  They played in local bars and nursing homes.    He left the band to tour the country as a single act, where he travelled through most of the Midwest and Southwest states.  Bill eventually settled down in Northeastern Oklahoma where the Cherokee Nation invited him to be the “house band” at the Oh-Si-Yo club.  When they closed the club, he just stayed in the area and continued entertaining within a 200 mile radius.      

Since that time, Bill has played with several groups, notably with the “Light Horse” Band with Bill an Phyllis Wheeler, The Oklahoma Ramblers with Troy and Johnny, and duos with Leslie Parks, Nevaeh Knight and Jo Rae.  


The Here and Now

Over the last few years, Bill has been acquiring professional recording equipment and is turning his attention to live streaming and recording some original work. 

It is worth noting that he has a severe high-frequency hearing loss from his time in the Army, and a mass on his thyroid affecting his singing which will be operated on in the near future. 

Most importantly, Bill Holman loves to entertain others and hopes you will enjoy the material on this site.