From the Editor:

“I absolutely LOVED this!” It’s very important, very inspiring, and I am so thrilled to be a part of helping get it ready for publication. I found it extremely helpful and I’m sure others will too.” ~ Alicia Dean, Editor

4.0 out of 5 stars Packed with Straight-Forward, Common Sense Wisdom

“Bill Holman’s book, Inspired by Fire is packed full of straight-forward, common sense wisdom that will improve your life if you apply it. Mr. Holman has lived a colorful life and the wisdom in his book comes from his various personal experiences and life situations, which is far above wisdom which merely comes from theory or someone else’s experiences.

Each page in this inspired book discusses a different subject or experience, and gives the reader specific wisdom from Mr. Holman’s personal experience. Inspired by Fire is also packed with lots of inspired quotes which also benefit the reader, as well as backs up the author’s point. Anyone who loves great wisdom quotes will enjoy this book.

The wisdom contained in this book will be a blessing for you if you take the time to think about it and apply it to your life. Give this book a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised! Bill Holman has a lot of wisdom to share if you are willing to receive it.” ~ Bohdi Sanders ~ author of The Art of Inner Peace

5.0 out of 5 stars Collected wisdom being shared with some good storytelling

“This work by Mr. Holman is a great way of sharing so many of the life lessons we all should try to learn, hopefully we don’t need to be kicked in the head to learn them. I have the paperback version and it’s a joy to just spend a few minutes reading one the pearls of wisdom that is succinctly summarized so that it stick with you.
It’s one of those books where you have heard quite of few of the lessons from your elders but they seem to hit harder and resonate a bit more with Bill’s masterful storytelling. I would encourage anyone to give it a read through you will certainly be entertained and may end up a bit more wiser.” ~ Ryan

5.0 out of 5 stars Bill breaks it down for us.

“Bill has a wonderful gift for uncomplicating things. He goes straight for the essence of a subject and makes you feel so comfortable learning from him. Great read.” ~ Robert Mann

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